Address: 10925 N. Military Trail
Phone: (561) 625-3805
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Category: Coffee Shop
Check Ins: 2652


  • Nico Cassanetti

    Go see Missi and ask her for a extra caramel frappuchino on top bottom and sides.
  • Khrys Boschee

    Always the best service. Fast and efficient with the nicest people behind the counter. Ask for "a grande in a venti cup" for more room.
  • Alex Tammaro

    One of the most expensive Starbucks I've been to, and I've been to quite a few!
  • Amy D

    At this Starbucks they charge extra for EVERY little thing! I was charged extra for the caramel drizzle on my frap, AND ALSO charged for them WARMING UP MY CinnaBun! Claiming labor!? Bad business IMO!
  • skyler

    The beat staff ever!! Tracy is the sweetest.
  • Louis Filosa

    This may possibly be the slowest Starbucks
  • Sharod Brown

    Iced Lemon Pound Cake and Hot Chocolate are awesome!
  • Jess

    If you're a regular, your drink comes out far faster than the rest of us minions'. I wasn't asked for my name for my order but several people who were in line way behind me got theirs' first by name.
  • Michael Weingarten

    Amazing service with a smile
  • skyler

    Everyone is so nice here!! I love them they make u feel like family and drinks are amazing every time!!
  • PeopleofStarbux

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